How To Create A Meme

The Origin Of Memes

Knowing how to make a meme is becoming increasingly popular. You will come across new memes every day, and this can make them almost impossible to keep track of.

Demystifying how to make a meme

Memes have now become an internet phenomenon. It is usually in the form of a funny picture or a YouTube video that has gone viral and has undergone numerous sub-versions and remixes or mutations. There are the more traditional ones like the troll face, the Loituma girl, the Pedobear, and the LOL cats. These are just a few; there are literary millions of them you can not only see, but also, that you can now make, using our online generator to create them.

Where do memes originate from?

The word was first mentioned by Richard Dawkins in his book on evolution theory, which was a 1976 publication. According to Richard Dawkins, memes are simply replicators that make themselves propagate from one human brain to the other through imitation.

These days, you will come across internet memes on most social sites and many people now want to know how to create them. They are a great way to make others entertained when bored or stressed. When you surf the internet, you will get all sorts of meme to make you entertained – so why not make one yourself?

cat meme

How much turkey?

How To Create A Meme

It is not that hard as all you need to do is pull pictures, and photos from the internet to make them via our online generator.

The make a meme culture is nothing short of fascinating. This has led to the creation of websites with a memes database. The other place where memes have come from in plenty is YouTube as well as Reddit. Actually you will find that most of your favorite ones are probably remixes from YouTube, like the Billy Mays dubs, TV shows as well as games.

Tumblr is also another place to make for, if you want to look at how to create them, from ones already on show. Actually, Tumblr has managed to bring back forgotten animated gif art to create a mainstream humor genre on the internet.

A few years back, it was easier to make original memes than it is today. This is because in the past they held some sort of uniqueness due to their origin as well as the meaning. These days, you will find them authenticated to the point that they have completely lost their worth. This is mainly because it is much easier to make them than it was years back.

Conclusion about how to make a meme

When it comes to being able to create memes, a lot of man-power and hours of research have been put in to create internet humor, and this has become a sort of culture for internet users. However, not all memes are reasonable or funny, but you will always find something amusing about them. If you are thinking of learning how to make your own, why not try to do some research into the old and forgotten types while you add a twist to the meaning. You may just be able to create a few of them and contribute to the ever growing world of memes.

How People Make Them Viral

Memes have become increasingly popular, and more and more people make them for much more than just fun and laughter. In the business and social world, people create a meme for all manner of purposes.

Cat Meme Mouse Catching For Dummies

How to catch a mouse – it’s not rocket science

Create memes for marketing

If you are the kind of person who finds memes appealing, you can take your business to the next level by trying to make them a part of your marketing campaign. Knowing how to create memes and make them a marketing tool is becoming more and more common even on television advertising. The key is to get the attention of people first then advertise your company in the process.

When you think of what meme to create, you need to work out how you will use it to advertise your business. There are numerous captions you can use for advertising  using the memes you create. This is especially so if you know someone who is good at drawing. You can have this artist create a comic meme for your business.

When using memes you create for advertising purposes, you need to ensure that your idea is itself creative and that it appeals to your target audience. You can then post them onto your company’s site, and your website will do the rest. With a creative meme, you will make people laugh, and this may be the beginning of a great relationship with your customers.

Use memes to build traffic and back links

When it comes to SEO, link building is very important if your website is to get a high ranking. There are numerous ways to create backlinks, but one of the easiest ways is by using a meme you create yourself. There are two major reasons as to why people use memes for link building.

They are easy to create

Unlike in the past, it is really easy to create memes these days. There are only a few basic skills one should have to create memes. You just need basic Photoshop skills and have a sense of humor. In case you are not sure about your Photoshop abilities, you need not worry as you can find numerous online tools that can help you create them easily.

Memes you create have the potential of going viral

This is by far the most popular benefit of using memes for link building. This is why most businesses are using them on social sites to market their brands. The reason people use them is that the human concentration is minimal and a meme has been found to capture their attention for longer.

The other reason they go viral is because of their humorous nature; people hardly pass out a chance to share in a joke. People will always look for ways to get entertained. If you create an entertaining business meme, you can be sure that it will be passed on to friends. Before you know it, your meme will have gone viral, and consequently you’ll create an increase in visits to your website.

Once you have your meme created, make sure to spread it for it to go viral. The key to ensuring it is received by your target audience is using social sites where your target audience is easily found. This is the best way to make sure it gets to the people it was intended for. However, if you do not have a specific target audience, you can simply post it on the most popular sites like Facebook, twitter and create a video for YouTube.